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NDAC Under The Sun Of August

A bunch of our fellow London Freedivers went on a week end trip to the NDAC in Chepstow last week end, to dip their toes in the turquoise waters below the SaltFreeDivers platform.

Most noticeably a few of them where apparently just enjoying the benefits of camping and chilling out under the sun while Tim, on a more serious note, went exploring one of the wrecks laying at the bottom of the quarry. Pictures below will illustrate those activities better than words:

2014_07_NDAC_camping 2014_07_NDAC_wreckTim

Stay tuned for more week end trips reports at the NDAC. And for those who didn’t know it yet: Wales rocks.

Booking Announcement

The Crystal Palace group is now fully open to current members of the London Freediving group.

The system in place will be kept in the future, meaning that lanes have a limited number of people who must book their spot for 12 weeks. The next available 12 weeks block will be announced here soon so please watch this space. People already training at Crystal Palace will also receive an email notification if they wish to renew their spot.

For any query please contact Liv.