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Mark Harris regains the UK free immersion record

Kalamata, Greece — London Freediving instructor Mark Harris has achieved a UK freediving record with a 70 meter free immersion (FIM) dive on the first day of competition at the 3rd Mediterranean Freediving World Cup. 70 meters had in the past proved elusive. However, “a change in my training and preparation seemed to unlock the door”, explains Mark and with the smooth organisation of the competition in Kalamata, everything just fell into place.” In the context of how much of his training time Mark has been giving to building the club recently it’s even easier to feel happy about his achievement.

“The magic is definitely back” for Mark who the next day followed this performance with a dive of 70 m constant weight (CW) rocking it old school with his trusty bi-fins. “Needless to say, I did find I had some leg fatigue :-)” remarks Mark; I think thats pretty understandable!

Great Northern Competition

Top calibre athletes Liv Philip and Georgina Miller from London Freediving take Gold and Silver awards respectively, at The Great Northern Freediving competition in Liverpool, on Sunday 28th March 2010.

In addition newcomer Edd Owen ( bottom photograph ), in his debut peformance, also made it into the top 5 in the men’s. A phenomenal achievement for Edd, who has only been freediving for 6 months. He managed 100 metres in dynamic, and 4m43s in static. When you consider that new UK dynamic record holder Dave King ( who set the latest record of 217 metres at the same event ), hit the same distance in his first competition…then Edd is someone to watch.

Other London Freediving members that took part were Tim Money, Chris Holmes, and Mark Harris – all competing or providing safety cover.