At London Freediving, our philosophy is simple: you train with your own routines at your own pace. That doesn’t mean we won’t coach you if you want to be coached, far from it. It’s just we know that for some of you, all you want is calm. We also respect your need for space, and with a full 33 metre pool at our disposal, there’s plenty of it.

Our members are very friendly, and there will always be someone on-hand to offer advice if you need it. We only ask that if you haven’t been freediving before, you take an introductory course with us.

If you have been freediving before, then the terms ‘dynamic apnea’ and ‘static apnea’ will be familiar to you. London Freediving is the club for you to hone your skills in either or both. Some of our additional offerings that may interest you are video style analysis and pre-session chill-out workshops.

We are proudly affilliated to the British Freediving Association, and compliant to international agency AIDA guidelines and practices. Our certification courses are primarily AIDA-defined, although non-certification speciality courses are also available.

If you want to know how to photograph dolphins underwater, we can even teach that.

Why not take a deep breath and join us?