AIDA Certification Courses

Our instructors are able to offer training up to AIDA 4* Freediver level. You may choose to opt for the pool & theory qualifications alone, or you may wish to add on the open water element as well. We conduct the depth disciplines over a weekend at a UK open water dive centre, or we run occasional foreign trips where you may be able to complete your dives in warm water. Students will need to invest in the necessary equipment.

Non-Depth Freediving Introductory Course

This Introduction is geared for students wishing to get started with weekly pool training before enrolling on a 1 or 2* AIDA certification course. It is not a full certification course and London Freediving will request that people continuing to train with us, continue with there education to a minimum of AIDA pool 1*.

Included in the course is the cost is pool admission, and four hours tuition spread either over two successive Thursday evenings, or alternatively with a homestudy requirement combined with 3hours tuition over one evening. Successful completion of this course allows students to attend regular pool sessions at London Freediving.
Although some other UK freediving clubs may recognise this introductory course, it cannot be guaranteed and should not be assumed.  There are no contractual obligations between London Freediving and the pool facilities at Richmond, so there could be circumstances where pool sessions cease with little or no notice. If this should happen between a course starting and completing, then fees will be refunded in full. If pool sessions discontinue after course completion, then no refund can be offered.

The course outline consists of:

  • Overview of non-depth freediving disciplines
  • Freediving physiology
  • Static apnea theory and procedures
  • Dynamic apnea theory and procedures
  • Safety and rescue procedures
  • In-water practice of the above ( 2 hours in total )

Not included in the price, is equipment loan / rental, or drinks / refreshments. The equipment students are expected to bring are:

  • Fins ( Scuba or freediving )
  • Mask or goggles ( Scuba, freediving or swim )
  • Wetsuit ( 3mm shorty as a minimum )
  • Waterproof watch or timer with a digital stopwatch function

In addition, students need to bring completed liability release forms and medical questionnaires, both of which can be found on the contact/forms page (tab at top of this page). Some swimming experience is also required – the ability to swim 200 metres unaided, and without stopping, in 15 minutes or less.

AIDA 1 & 2* Courses
For your own safety and enjoyment we recommend if you want to continue your freediving, that you complete a beginner certification course. AIDA 1 or 2* courses (or pool equivalents) are both suitable for beginners, and you can talk to one of our Instructors who will help you decide which is most suitable for you. For each individual, freediving means something different, and whether that is pool or depth freediving, being a keen snorkeler, spearfishing, or to enjoy relaxing in the water and keeping fit and calming your mind then you will find a certification course will really help you on your aquatic adventure.
Please contact us for full course details, dates and prices.

AIDA 3 & 4* Courses
These courses build on the skills learned in the AIDA 2* course and allow Intermediate level freedivers to practice and learn new skills under the guidance of a qualified AIDA Instructor. You will gain higher knowledge of safety procedures, increase your skills and improve technique. The 4* course may only be taught by an AIDA Master Instructor as you will need to start to learn more advanced techniques, as well as start to be more responsible for how diving is organised and the safety of others.
Please contact us for full course details, dates and prices.