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Thursday 15th April 2010

Anyone who has previously trained with Richmond Freediving, and wishes to come along, please book by posting a comment. Anyone wishing to attend who has not previously trained with Richmond Freediving, please contact Mark H first.

Choose which discipline you want to train in ( either static apnea or dynamic apnea ), and state which you will be doing. We have a full 33m pool at our disposal, but do still need to know numbers in advance. Maximum no of bookings is 18 in total ( any mix of disciplines ).

Session fee is £8.

Anyone not understanding the above, or having trouble with postings, please mail Mark H.

** Attendees must be paid-up members of The British Freediving Association, and must either have completed a freediving pool introduction or have the appropriate AIDA qualifications for the disciplines they are training in. **

Great Northern Competition

Top calibre athletes Liv Philip and Georgina Miller from London Freediving take Gold and Silver awards respectively, at The Great Northern Freediving competition in Liverpool, on Sunday 28th March 2010.

In addition newcomer Edd Owen ( bottom photograph ), in his debut peformance, also made it into the top 5 in the men’s. A phenomenal achievement for Edd, who has only been freediving for 6 months. He managed 100 metres in dynamic, and 4m43s in static. When you consider that new UK dynamic record holder Dave King ( who set the latest record of 217 metres at the same event ), hit the same distance in his first competition…then Edd is someone to watch.

Other London Freediving members that took part were Tim Money, Chris Holmes, and Mark Harris – all competing or providing safety cover.

Liv and Mark teach on BBC’s Bang Goes The Theory

Mammalian reflex – myth or magic? Dallas Campbell, from the BBC’s ‘Bang Goes The Theory’ set out to investigate.

After a few ‘lab experiments’ with static breath holding, the acid test was to get into deep water and see if it really worked. One small problem though…Dallas had never been freediving before.

London Freediving came to the rescue in the form of Liv Philip and Mark Harris. Between the two of them, they handled the tuition, underwater filming, and most importantly Dallas’s safety.

So just how far did Dallas dive? And did he prove the theory?? There’s only one way to find out – keep an eye out for the new series in early 2010!