Thursday 1st February 2018

Anyone who has previously trained with London Freediving, and wishes to come along, please book by posting a comment. Anyone wishing to attend who has not previously trained with London Freediving, please contact Tim Money first.

Choose which discipline you want to train in ( either static apnea or dynamic apnea ), and state which you will be doing. We have a full 33m pool at our disposal, but do still need to know numbers in advance. Maximum no of bookings is 18 in total ( any mix of disciplines ).

Session fee is £10

Anyone not understanding the above, or having trouble with postings, please mail Tim.

** Attendees must be paid-up members of The British Freediving Association, and must either have completed a freediving pool introduction or have the appropriate AIDA qualifications for the disciplines they are training in. **

Comments (8)

  1. Tim

    Static please with beci

  2. Morten

    No fins please 🙂

  3. Mik

    No fins for me please

  4. Valerie

    I’ll be there tonight, Dynamics with fins for me please.
    Would anyone be able to lend me some weight (neck of waist) please?

  5. Oleksiy

    Will try to get there today DYN please!

  6. isacco

    if alex is coming, fins for me, if not, no fins

  7. Andre

    Dynamic with fins for me please.

  8. Tim

    Hi Valerie, Will do.

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