Thursday 18th January 2018

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  1. dyn/dnf please :)


  2. Tim

    Dnf for me

  3. Naura

    Dyn please. I’ve ordered some weights online last week and I don’t think it will arrive on time for this week. Is it ok if I borrow se weights off you Tim, thank you 😉

  4. Beci

    Static if anyone else wants to? Otherwise dnf please.

  5. Tim

    Hey Naura sure, it was the 0.5 kilo right?

    Beci – sorry I am doing DNF with Isacco, next time.

  6. Gary McGrath

    Hello, im gonna pop down to say hi, not getting in the water though. Beci, I can help with your static if you want?


  7. Naura

    Hi Tim, I was thinking about trying a weight belt this time but if you haven’t got a spare one, the 0.5 neck is fine too thanks! See ya! 😉

  8. Beci

    Gary! It’ll be lovely to see you! And that’d be great if you’d spot me. If you don’t feel up to it later on don’t feel you have to come though.

  9. Fra

    Hello, coming for dyn/dnf. See you later!

  10. Nathalie

    Hi Beci. I would be happy to do static if you still need a buddy.

  11. Jordan

    Hi all, I would like to do dyn if possible or I can do static.

  12. Roman.

    Hey Gary looking forward to see you mate!!!

    Dnf for me please.

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