Thursday 4th January 2018

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  1. Naura

    dynamic with fins for Naura please
    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Roman

    Dnf for me please.

  3. Morten

    Hoping to make it.. dnf if I do.. dyn if I don’t 🙂

  4. Romilly

    Dynamic with fins for me please!

  5. Sze Wei Ku

    Dynamic with fin for me please

  6. tom


  7. Roman

    Hey Guys I need to bail out. I’m coming down with something and pool training doesn’t feel as a good idea tonight. I’m gonna be glad to go home after work to be honest.

    To Morten or Tom.
    Please can any of you guys take care of the money tonight? Tim isn’t around Today. Thanks

  8. Valérie

    Dynamic with fins please for me!!! If I don’t get blown away by Eleanor 🌬️💨🌪️

  9. Tim

    Have fun, am back next week for Xmas dive n food so normal session isn’t on. Email me if you haven’t got info and want to come along, 730-830 in the pool, 9 til ? In the pub!

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