Thursday 14th December 2017

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  1. Naura

    Dynamic with fins for Naura please

  2. Tim

    Me please, static, dynamic not sure.

  3. Anonymous

    Kubrick & Coppola for static

  4. Roman

    Dnf for me please.

  5. Tom

    Static tock tick tock tick tock tick … for me please

  6. Beci

    Static please!

  7. Isacco

    Isacco not sure what

  8. Andre

    Dynamic with fins for me.

  9. Aude

    Dynamic with fins or monofin for me please.

  10. Anonymous

    Dynamic with fins for me. See you later, Francesca 🙂

  11. Aude

    Sorry, I’ve hurt my trapezius muscle and cannot come tonight. Have fun!See you next year🙂.

  12. Valérie

    Hello I shall be joining you tonight for some dynamics please

  13. Naura

    Hi my super slow train got cancelled so got to wait another 18 mins for the next one, might be slightly late but still going, see you in the pool!!

  14. Francesca

    Sorry guys I need to cancel…long day at work!:( have fun!

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