Thursday 19th October 2017

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  1. Tim

    Tim please with 4 dynamic intros

  2. Beci Ryan

    Morten and Beci for static fun please!

  3. mark sawyer

    Mark Sawyer please for dynamic

  4. Nathalie Bouri

    Nathalie for static please

  5. Mik

    Dynamic no fins for me please

  6. Roman

    Static for me please. I can buddy you up Nathalie

  7. Valérie Vaillant

    Hello 👌🏼 dynamic please

  8. Tanya Jacobs

    Hi-Tanya for dynamic NF

  9. Mark sawyer

    Sorry Tim but Home emergency with my kids so will not be coming tonight. Apologies for extremely late notice

  10. Anonymous

    Zuzana is coming too for dynamic please 👌🏼

  11. Anonymous

    Roman I just saw your message. Sorry I got stuck in the office with a work emergency

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