Thursday 7th April 2016

Attendance report coming soon.

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  1. Tom

    Hey Harry, are you still up for Static run through?

  2. christophe

    DYN please

  3. Anonymous

    I still up for it Tom. Static for me.

  4. tom

    cool…see you (and everyone) later..

  5. Bill

    DNF please

  6. Roman

    I’ll be there too.

  7. Tim

    I will be down, with a couple of monofins if anyone is interested. Wont be getting in due to man flu!

  8. Roman

    Guys, Morten can’t make it today but if anyone is interested in molchanova monofin give him a shout. He is a size 9 and he think it’s too tight for him so he is guessing a size 8 would fit. Or possible 7.5.

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